Legal help in Tennessee

Legal Help for Tennessee Kratom Arrests

Need Legal Help in Tennessee? Dear Tennessee Kratom Advocates, It has been brought to my attention by the Tennessee Law Office of Lords and Cate that anyone arrested and/or prosecuted for possession of Kratom in Tennessee might have a Civil Rights violation case against the Tennessee County that arrested and/or prosecuted them. The Law Office of Lords and Cate is representing people in Civil...
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CDC claims kratom

CDC Claims Salmonella outbreak linked to Kratom

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a warning today recommending that people not consume kratom in any form because it could be contaminated with Salmonella. This warning follows closely behind the FDA memo that attempts to prove that Kratom is an opioid through a fancy new 3D computer model they’ve created. Dr. David Kroll does a great job of debunking that claim in his recent Forbes...
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kratom forbes

FDA Weaponizes ‘Opioid’ Label Against Kratom Consumers

David Kroll  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a statement on Tuesday afternoon from Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, declaring that kratom, a southeast Asian herbal medicine, contains naturally occurring plant alkaloid chemicals that are predicted by unpublished computer models to be opioids. The agency has also collected 44 fatal adverse reaction reports where kratom components...
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tonic kratom

The FDA Called Kratom an Opioid, Which Is Pretty Misleading

Opioids are, by definition, compounds that interact with opioid receptors; that doesn't make them good or bad. By Jesse Hicks On Tuesday the Food and Drug Administration issued another warning about the alleged dangers of kratom, the herbal supplement used as a pain reliever and to treat opioid withdrawal symptoms. The agency says it used a computer model to assess the molecular structure of...
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kratom nick wing huff po

FDA Releases Kratom Death Data, Undermines Its Own Claims About Drug’s Deadly Harms

The cases include a suicide and a drug overdose victim who tested positive for nine different substances. By Nick Wing The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is escalating its campaign against kratom with the release of new information describing a series of deaths involving the popular herbal drug. The FDA says the incidents “underscore the serious and sometimes deadly risks” of kratom,...
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