National Kratom Update: May 2018

By Chapman Action Network



New Kratom Laws:

Kansas – VICTORY!

  • Governor Colyer signed the amended SB 282 bill into law on Monday, May 14, keeping kratom legal in Kansas. 



States with Pending Legislation:

Louisiana – Another BAD “Study” Bill Nears Passage

  • HR 177 is a resolution that requests the “Louisiana Department of Health to study the scheduling of Mitragyna speciosa (kratom) as a controlled dangerous substance.”
  • Update: HR 177 passed the House chamber 75-0. The bill now moves onto the Senate.
  • Proposed Action: Identify a Senator who would be willing to amend the bill to include language that directs the authority to study the positive effects in addition to the negative effects of kratom. This bill is likely to pass without a discussion unless local advocates are willing and able to get involved.
  • Press: Here is an article highlighting the fact that this bill passed the House unanimously without any testimony. It also says A spokesperson for the Department of Health said the agency doesn’t have a statement following the resolution’s passage — neither its Vital Records office or epidemiologists had any reports or statistics on kratom.”



  • HB 1832 has been amended to 21+ and has  passed through both chambers with bipartisan support. The bill has been signed by Governor Haslam.
  • The law reads as follows:
    • All Kratom products must consist of the raw leaf and in the form of either: (a) Dried, cut, and sifted leaf; or (b) Raw tea leaf powder.
    • Retail Kratom products may only be sold as follows:
      • (a) Raw, powdered tea leaf encapsulated in vegetarian or gelatin capsules, not to exceed nine hundred milligrams (900 mg.) per capsule, packaged in bottles containing no more than one hundred twenty (120) capsules per bottle; or
      • (b) Raw, powdered tea leaf or dried, cut, and sifted leaf in pouches containing no more than five ounces (5 oz.) of raw material per pouch.



  • Update: SF 2578 has successfully been amended to include 18+ possession and sales for minors. The bill has been on a roller coaster ride between chambers approving and voting down amendments to the bill that are not pertinent to the kratom language contained within the bill. The bill currently sits on the Governor’s desk awaiting signature.  



  • Update: HR 1160 and SR 832, resolutions that create House and Senate committees to study the negative effects of kratom have both passed their respective chambers. We are currently seeking confirmation as to whether or not the Governor needs to sign these bills or if each chamber can pass resolutions without the Governor’s signature.


States w/ Current Bans:




Rhode Island




Gray Area:

Washington D.C.


Banned Localities:

Sarasota County (FL)

Ontario (OR)

Union County (MS)

San Diego (CA)

Alton (IL)

News & Community:

Thailand Moves One Step Closer To Decriminalizing Kratom

Kratom Presentation in Portland


“The Opioid Crisis, and the Government Opposed Cure(VIDEO)

  • Awesome video produced by the Capital Research Center. Probably the best education video I’ve seen to date, outside of the fact that they have kratom being illegal in Tennessee. 

Indian River County Jail Inmate Dies From Kratom Overdose

  • This articles goes on the explain the guy had a heart condition that contributed to his death.



Kratom Bill Tracker

Drug Scheduling Authority By State


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