Legal Help for Tennessee Kratom Arrests

Need Legal Help in Tennessee?

Dear Tennessee Kratom Advocates,

It has been brought to my attention by the Tennessee Law Office of Lords and Cate that anyone arrested and/or prosecuted for possession of Kratom in Tennessee might have a Civil Rights violation case against the Tennessee County that arrested and/or prosecuted them.

The Law Office of Lords and Cate is representing people in Civil Rights Actions against Sumner County now, and is looking for anyone who has had their rights violated due to possession of Kratom. Anyone interested in having their case reviewed should please call the Law Office of Lords and Cate at 615-418-9814.

If you currently have a case pending in any Tennessee County, it is imperative that you contact the Law Office of Lords and Cate immediately at 615-418-9814 and allow us to represent you in the pending case and pursue any Civil Rights Action on your behalf.



If you are currently being prosecuted for possession of Kratom in any County in Tennessee, DO NOT SETTLE THE CASE FOR ANYTHING LESS THAN A DISMISSAL. Do not agree to a retirement, do not agree to an under advisement plea, do not agree to anything short of demanding that the State announcing that the case is dismissed. There are two reasons for this, First, KRATOM IS NOT ILLEGAL IN TENNESSEE; Second, anything less than a dismissal will likely prevent you from seeking a Civil Rights suit against the County.

Again, please contact the Law Offices of Lords and Cate and let us help you with your pending case and your potential Civil Rights Action.

Office: 615-418-9814




Sam Chapman

Chapman Action Network

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