Kratom Legislative Update for Tennessee & Kansas – April 11, 2018

Tennessee: Successfully amended!

Tennessee amended and passed House Bill 1832 with a 95 -1 vote on the House Floor on 4/9! The amendment to removed language that would have effectively made kratom illegal!



Now the Senate version of the bill (already amended) will soon be scheduled for a floor vote, hopefully by the end of this week.

This is been a long hard road for Tennessee residents who have been working to defend kratom, and that work is finally starting to pay off. Given that the House was almost unanimous – although he’s not going to enjoy it – we do expect Governor Haslam to sign the bill.

A HUGE thank you to all of the kratom advocates who showed up to testify and who contacted your local legislators to discuss the impact of these bills. Another big thank you goes out to the Botanical Education Alliance and the American Kratom Association for all of their on the ground lobbying efforts on both of these bills. We are very close to calling this a victory, and everyone involved should be proud of that fact.

Tennessee is about to become the leading example of what happens when uninformed lawmakers attempt to ban kratom without just cause. There is no doubt that other legislatures, Boards of Pharmacy, and Governors around the country will think twice before they launch any attempt to ban kratom in the future. At the same time, kratom opponents now know that they will have to continue to step up their game to match ours. We must stay vigilant if we want to continue to educate the public and public officials on the many benefits of kratom.


Kansas: Successfully amended!

A conference committee convened last week on Kansas Senate Bill 282 and accepted the House Amendments removing kratom from the list of substances that would be banned. The bill then moved to the House floor and passed 120 – 0!


We are waiting to learn more about the timeline for this bill to hit the Governor’s desk, but we have not heard of any opposition coming from the Governor’s office. Given the fact that the bill has passed both floors almost unanimously, we expect the Governor to sign this bill.

A big thank you to all of the local advocates from Kansas and surrounding states for being on top of this bill!

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