tennessee amendment

Tennessee Kratom Advocates Move One Step Closer To Victory

The Tennessee Conference Committee convened this morning on HB 1832 and SB 2258 and accepted a new 21+ amendment drafted by the committee itself. Below is the full text of the accepted amendment.   Conference Committee Report on House Bill No. 1832 / Senate Bill No. 2258 The House and Senate Conference Committee appointed pursuant to motions to resolve the differences between the two houses...
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TN and KS update

Kratom Legislative Update for Tennessee & Kansas – April 11, 2018

Tennessee: Successfully amended! Tennessee amended and passed House Bill 1832 with a 95 -1 vote on the House Floor on 4/9! The amendment to removed language that would have effectively made kratom illegal! NEXT STEPS: Now the Senate version of the bill (already amended) will soon be scheduled for a floor vote, hopefully by the end of this week. This is been a long hard road for Tennessee...
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