Tennessee Update (3/14)

Kratom Tennessee

CORRECTED UPDATE as of 3/14: The House bill has been amended (all language mentioning kratom has been stripped) and passed out of the House Health committee and into theHouse Finance Ways & Means Committee. No word on when the bill will be scheduled.

The Senate bill HAS YET TO BE AMENDED to reflect the House bill, although an amendment has been proposed by Rep. Pody. We are working to find out if/when that amendment will be voted on now.

Video from hearing this morning: http://tnga.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=354&clip_id=14789

Senate Amendment: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/110/Amend/SA0748.pdf

House Amendment: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/110/Amend/HA0808.pdf

All emails sent using the form below will now go directly to Governor Haslam. Please encourage him to sign the bill as amended!



THANK YOU for taking a few moments to contact your elected representative!

As a result of direct lobbying efforts and residents like you sharing their stories via email with your elected representatives, the House Committee on Criminal Justice amended and passed HB 1832, removing the language that would have effectively banned kratom in Tennessee!

This is great news, BUT IT’S NOT OVER YET.

The bill has moved to the House Health Committee (you can watch it live here) and will be heard tomorrow morning (3/13) at 10:30am CST.

Please take a moment to contact the House Health Committee members by using our form below and encourage them to pass HB 1832, AS AMENDED!

Thank you for continuing to support the movement to keep kratom legal in Tennessee!


  • Email Lawmakers in Tennessee


    It’s folks like you that are helping keeping kratom legal when state legislative bodies introduce kratom ban legislation. Collectively, we will not only continue to defend kratom from being banned in all states where it is currently legal, but we will also eventually start to shift our focus on states where kratom is currently banned.

    The body of your email should be sure to include the following items:

    Introduction: Who you are, if you’re a constituent, what you do.

    How you are connected to kratom?

    How will you be impacted if kratom is banned where you live?

    Provide resources! Studies, positive news articles, etc.

    Directly ASK for representative to introduce an amendment or oppose the bill, and don’t forget to specify what bill you are referring to!

    If you would like any assistance in crafting your email, please send your draft to chapactnet@gmail.com and we will help edit and polish it for you!

    If you feel that you have an especially strong and influential story to share with legislators, and would also be willing to speak with the press about your experience with kratom and why you oppose any form of ban, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!

    We are gearing up to start fielding press inquiries and would like to identify as many advocates as possible to connect with reporters when the time comes.

  • Your Message

  • Your information

    Please provide some contact information. Lawmakers are much more likely to read your message if they know it's been sent by one of their constituents. In this case, It's especially important that legislators know these messages are sent by real people with real kratom stories.

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