UPDATE 3/22: Minnesota HF 3479 Has Been Amended to 18+, Ban Removed

Minnesota Kratom

UPDATE 3/22: HF 3479 was successfully amended by the Minnesota Public Safety Committee this morning, replacing the language that would have banned kratom with restrictions on possession and sales to minors.

You can listen to audio from the hearing here, starting around the 33:00 minute mark.

Thank you to the American Kratom Association for their on the ground lobbying efforts and all of the Minnesota residents who took the time to contact their representatives and committee members! It may feel like a small act, but collectively they are having a huge impact and in coalition other organizations and advocates, we will continue to beat back these attempts to ban kratom.

It’s also important to note that the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy still has the power to emergency schedule kratom if they choose to.

We will continue to monitor this bill as it moves through each chamber.


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