Georgia Call To Action: Ask House Rules To Amend HR 1160 To Study POSITIVE Effects Of Kratom!

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Kratom is under attack in Georgia! Please use this form to contact The Georgia House Rules Committee and urge them to AMEND HB 1160 to require the kratom study committee to look at the potential positive effects in additional to the potential negatives. 

HR1160 was heard on 3/6 and 3/8 in the Georgia House Special Rules committee. The bill was passed out of committee on 3/8 with a do-pass recommendation and now heads to the House Rules Committee where it’s currently waiting to be scheduled for a hearing and possible work session.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Dwayne Hill, testified before the committee in support of the bill.

The 3/6 hearing can be found here starting at the 34:00 minute mark.

Rep. Hill mentioned that he’s been speaking with a local coroner who was informing him about the recent “deaths associated with kratom.” The coroner also pointed him towards the recent FDA statements made by Scott Gottlieb.

Several questions were posed to Rep. Hill that indicated this is not the first time members of this committee have heard about kratom. The last time kratom was brought up in the Georgia legislature, they received “an outpouring” of opposition from kratom consumers and ended up not taking any action.

Rep. Jonathan Wallace called Rep. Hill’s coroner claims into question by asking if other drugs were included in the deaths that were reported. Hill admitted that they were, and went on to say that all the cases contained levels of kratom that were higher than the other drugs, therefore we should ban it. In referring to people who use kratom, Rep. HIll stated:

“If they are taking one, they are taking two. If they are two, they are taking three,” seemingly attempting to paint all kratom consumers as people who are addicted and thus don’t deserve access to safe alternatives to prescription opioids.

House Committee member Scot Turner asked about the recent public comment period when the DEA attempted to emergency schedule kratom in 2016. Rep. Hill said that he “has not seen any reports on what they have accumulated from those comments.”

It is clear that the authors of these bills have zero intent to study any of the potential positive effects of kratom, and thus we need to OPPOSE HB 1160 and its companion bills outright.

CALL TO ACTION: Please use this form to contact The Georgia House Rules Committee and urge them to AMEND HR 1160 to require the kratom study committee to look at the potential positive effects in additional to the potential negatives. 


  • Email The Georgia House Rules Committee


    It’s folks like you that are helping keeping kratom legal when state legislative bodies introduce kratom ban legislation. Collectively, we will not only continue to defend kratom from being banned in all states where it is currently legal, but we will also eventually start to shift our focus on states where kratom is currently banned.

    Your input from the form below will be sent to all members of Georgia's House Rules Committee.

    The body of your email should be sure to include the following items:

    Introduction: Who you are, if you’re a constituent, what you do.

    How you are connected to kratom?

    How will you be impacted if kratom is banned where you live?

    Provide resources! Studies, positive news articles, etc.

    Directly ASK for representative to introduce an amendment or oppose the bill, and don’t forget to specify what bill you are referring to!

    If you would like any assistance in crafting your email, please send your draft to and we will help edit and polish it for you!

    If you feel that you have an especially strong and influential story to share with legislators, and would also be willing to speak with the press about your experience with kratom and why you oppose any form of ban, PLEASE LET US KNOW!!

    We are gearing up to start fielding press inquiries and would like to identify as many advocates as possible to connect with reporters when the time comes.

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    Please provide some contact information. Lawmakers are much more likely to read your message if they know it's been sent by one of their constituents. In this case, It's especially important that legislators know these messages are sent by real people with real kratom stories.
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