CDC Claims Salmonella outbreak linked to Kratom

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued a warning today recommending that people not consume kratom in any form because it could be contaminated with Salmonella.

CDC memo on kratom

This warning follows closely behind the FDA memo that attempts to prove that Kratom is an opioid through a fancy new 3D computer model they’ve created. Dr. David Kroll does a great job of debunking that claim in his recent Forbes post.

The summary of these outbreaks does not actually justify the CDC’s claim that the source was “likely from Kratom”, it simply shows that several people they interviewed with salmonella, had also used Kratom recently.

Just last month a consumer advocacy group called on the FDA and CDC to do a better job of warning people about a romaine lettuce  E. coli outbreak, which at last count had made 58 people sick in the U.S. and Canada. One person has died. However, when it came to the subject of infected vegetables that have actually resulted in a death, the CDC was hesitant to issue any serious warnings.

“Because we have not identified a source of the infections, CDC is unable to recommend whether U.S. residents should avoid a particular food.”

But when it comes to Kratom, which has caused zero deaths and has no proven correlation respective to the recent CDC Salmonella claims, it’s crystal clear what the CDC’s motives are in issuing this warning.

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